Waking up to my white bitch. 
<3 Time to hurt her.

Waking up to my white bitch. 

<3 Time to hurt her.

Blow My House Down.

We connected.

Plugged in on opposite ends of the same screen. 

We lingered.

Projecting insignificant reflections of yesterday’s news.

Night after night.

Drifting slowly into each other’s brains and melting. 

Night after night.

Of forgetting about the morning to come. 

Night after night

Chasing someone who had a 3000 mile head start.

And at what point did I fall in love?

At what point did I forget that life,

Does not transfer it’s files. 

Life, can’t be copy and pasted and sent miles away. 

In seconds. 

Life can’t wait for you to respond. 




Real life does not come in bings. 

Real life has hands and heart beats,

tears, and cough syrup induced nightmares.

In real life moments are miles. 

In real life you fall down the stairs and always end up at the bottom. 

In real life strangers are everywhere.  


In real life I have a place to be.


You will penetrate the stars. 

I will penetrate your mother. 

I liked you better when you were choking on my name. 

Spit, blood, tears and drool cocooned your wasted carcass.

On my floor.

My poor bedroom floor. 

And those walls, those miserable walls. 

Oh the things they’ve seen.  

They look at you,

Pitying you silently. 

At least something pity’s you. 

Because I don’t. 

Your scrambled mess of limbs. 

Sits right past my doorstep. 

So you can soak in the filth of the city. 

From the grime covered bottoms of my brand new boots. 

I love you now. 

I liked you better then. 

Stapled Together.

All it took. 

Was a couple of pinches. 

And two cans of orange soda pop. 

(One diet.) 

To get us stuck. 

Crafted to each other with staples and floss. 

You have to be strong for the both of us. 

When I struggle to pull us apart. 

A message from Anonymous
is that you in those last 2 photos ?

Yes. I’m in the polka dot dress. 

PhotoCredit: Sir Ian Reid.

PhotoCredit: Sir Ian Reid.

PhotoCredit: Sir Ian Reid. 

PhotoCredit: Sir Ian Reid. 


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